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Better than bubbles
Christmas FunPak

Whether you give an occasional gift or ship hundreds of packages a day, FunPak provides a memorable unboxing experience that shows you care about pets, people, and the planet.



FunPak's decorative shapes make opening a box fun and memorable. FunPak is static free and biodegradable so there are no annoying clinging peanuts or air filled pouches to detract from your shipment or gift. We can even customize FunPak with a company logo to give customers the best unboxing experience they've ever had with your name on it.



FunPak is made from a non-toxic, starch formula so it's completely safe for pets and kids.







FunPak is too cute not to reuse, but when you're done with it, you can flush it down the toilet, throw it in your garden, use it to craft with your kids, or toss it in the trash. Within several hours FunPak will break down and return to the earth from which it came.



Veteran Owned and American Made

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